Help Finding The Best Collaborative Chicago Divorce Attorney

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How to find the best collaborative divorce attorney in Chicago to meet your needs.

Chicago Divorce Attorney Patrick Markey has been practicing family law and the collaborative divorce process for over twenty years and receives testimonials and referrals from other top Chicago attorneys.

Many people living in Chicago going through the divorce process ask: “I Need the Best Divorce Attorney in Chicago, Who Should I Call?”

How do you find the best The Chicago Divorce Lawyer or Attorney that is best for you?

Follow these 5 steps to find the right Collaborative Divorce Attorney that is right for you. 

1) Get a Referral from a professional lawyer
If at all possible get a referral from a professional and trusted source.

2) Personal Referral in Chicago 
Being referred to a Chicago Divorce Lawyer by someone who is a friend of the lawyer is not always the best choice; the referral could be based mainly on personal friendship and less on qualifications, experience and reputation.

3) Client Referral in Chicago 
If you are referred to a divorce lawyer by one of that firm’s former clients, make sure that you ask the person referring you to describe what their case involved and what the outcome was. If the person providing you the referral had a case that is dissimilar to yours, a referral to that person’s lawyer may not really provide substantial information about that lawyer’s skill and experience at handling your specific case.

4) Attorney Referral in Chicago 
When searching for the best Divorce Lawyer in Chicago, a great option would be to consult with a local attorney that you trust and is familiar with other lawyers that specialize in the practice of “Family Law” and ask them for a recommendation.

5) Meet Face-to-Face with the attorney who specializes in collaborative divorces practice in Chicago 
Case EvaluationA face-to-face meeting with your prospective new attorney is very important considering the fact that you need a qualified divorce lawyer, one with years of courtroom and trial experience and one that fits your personality, is understanding of your needs and sympathetic to your specific situation. You will be sharing many intimate details of your life with your divorce lawyer, and he or she will be advising you on important decisions that may impact the rest of your life. If your personalities clash and you are unable to communicate effectively, you’re case may not go as smoothly as planned.

The process of hiring an attorney that you will feel confident is “The Best Chicago Collaborative Divorce Lawyer” is one that, depending on the complexity of your case, may justify a little extra homework on your part. The final decision may be a subjective one, but if you take the time to create a list of qualified candidates you will have a better chance of finding the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer for you.