Premarital and Post Nuptial Agreements in Illinois

By Chicago Divorce Attorney Patrick Markey, P.C.

Premarital Agreement in Illinois

A premarital agreement (also known as prenuptial agreement) is a written contract between two individuals who plan to be married. If the contract is written property and other conditions are satisfied, then the agreement should be binding on the parties if they subsequently get divorced. In the premarital agreement, the parties can prospectively agree on how to divide property and debts, for the payment of maintenance/alimony and other issues.

Custody and Child Support Agreements in Illinois

Custody and child support agreements are generally not enforceable provisions due to public policy. Premarital agreements can be valuable tools to use in estate planning-especially for couples who are blending their families. Premarital agreements can ensure that property is properly distributed to children from a prior marriage in the event one spouse dies before the other.

Consider a Premarital Agreement

Any couple contemplating marriage should consider a premarital agreement. Even if you ultimately decide against a premarital agreement, the education you receive from a lawyer when consulting about a premarital agreement will be invaluable.