Child Custody Lawyer Advice

By Chicago Divorce Attorney Patrick Markey, P.C.

Child Custody, Support and Visitation Laws in Illinois

The court will need to award custody of children to one or both of the parties. “Custody” means that the parent has authority to decide the 1) religious 2) health and welfare and 3) educational decisions related to the child. The court can award sole or joint custody. One parent will be designated the residential parent where the child(ren) reside primarily. This spouse will also be entitled to child support which is a percentage of the non-residential parent’s net income after statutory deductions.

The non-residential parent will likely have a parenting (visitation) schedule with the child(ren) which can vary from little to no time with the child(ren) to sometimes equal time as the residential parent. The parents also typically enter into a written parenting agreement which provides for holiday and vacation time and unusual circumstances. Other issues in a divorce include, but are not limited to: tax exemptions, attorneys’ fees, college expenses, life insurance and other expenses for the children such as educational, medical and extra-curricular.