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Help with a Collaborative Divorce in Cook County, Illinois

Collaborative Divorce help in Chicago

Question you should ask about Collaborative Divorce and the Collaborative Process Looking for an alternative to emotional costs of litigation in resolving your family law dispute? Do you want to have more input into the outcome or resolution of your divorce or family law issue? Are you worried about the stress and harm that will […]

Advice from a Chicago Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce Illinois

What is the Collaborative Family Law, Divorce and Mediation and how it works in Chicagoland areas? Collaborative divorce and mediation are two options that can be used separately or together to finalize a divorce without unnecessary fighting or animosity. When a couple agrees on most divorce-related issues and the spouses are willing to work together […]

Help Finding The Best Collaborative Chicago Divorce Attorney

Chicago Family Law Firm

How to find the best collaborative divorce attorney in Chicago to meet your needs. Chicago Divorce Attorney Patrick Markey has been practicing family law and the collaborative divorce process for over twenty years and receives testimonials and referrals from other top Chicago attorneys. Many people living in Chicago going through the divorce process ask: “I […]

Avoiding Divorce Delays the Collaborative Way

Avoiding Divorce

We’ve all heard stories about divorces in where one of the partners creates delay after expensive delay. Weeks can go by between court appearances where the decisions that will keep the process moving might or might not get made. And while a mediated divorce has the potential to be more efficient, someone who wants to […]

A good Holiday Visitation Schedule Can Go A Long Way

Collaborative Divorce with children

Most individuals negotiating visitation or parenting agreements with their ex-partner neglect holiday and vacation parenting time. Their main focus is on the regular day to day, week to week parenting time. They are trying to obtain the most equal parenting schedule they can or are striving for a 50/50 schedule. They argue and debate the […]

College Expenses for children of divorce and separated parents

Collaborative Divorce With Children in College

Child support does not always end when a child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school. Most Illinois family courts will order one or both parents to contribute to children’s college expenses based on their ability to pay and some other factors. Lawyers and courts refer to these proceedings as “Section 513 […]

Top Five Reasons to Divorce Collaboratively After Age 50

Collaborative Divorce Couple

1. Privacy – Most people don’t realize that divorce files are public record and all court appearances are open to the public. In a typical litigated divorce, the court file will contain specific information about your income, your retirement funds, the value of your home, your mortgage balance, all of your debts, the value and type […]

Collaborative Law: The Non-Litigation Alternative for Family Law Disputes

Collaborative Divorce and Family Law

Collaborative Practice, an international movement with over 5,000 practicing professionals worldwide, found its way to Illinois in 2000 through the creation of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (CLII). Currently it is a dispute resolution model for family law disputes usually involving children. Leaders from CLII shared their knowledge on how Collaborative Law is helping […]